All About Pyronix by Hikvision


Pyronix Corporate Video from Pyronix on Vimeo.

Founded in 1986 in the UK, Pyronix is a world-leading manufacturer of intruder prevention equipment for use in residential, commercial and industrial applications.

In May 2016, this privately owned company became a part of the largest supplier of surveillance equipment in the world, Hikvision. This China-based giant immediately invested in adding more resources to the Pyronix R&D team and in developing an aggressive strategy to considerably expand the Pyronix product
range and strengthen its worldwide market position. One of the key elements of this strategy will be the long-established brand association with engineering
excellence, high performance, innovation and accessibility.

Pyronix has always been devoted to strengthening partnerships and developing innovative ways of supplying the best possible solutions to meet their
customers’ needs and this is a trend that they remain firmly committed to.

An extensive range of internal detectors utilising the latest Pyronix patented technologies for residential, commercial and light industrial use.

The KX range of Passive Infrared Detectors (PIRs) are ideal for residential installs, delivering detection up to 30m, animal immunity up to 25kg, auto
sensitivity and more. There is also the compact pet immune Colt which has an unobtrusive style or the Break-Glass detector which monitors your
windows. Any combination of these can cover lounges, kitchens, bedrooms, extended corridors, bedroom areas and more.

For light industrial and commercial use there is our KX Dual Technology range. As both sensors need to be triggered to sound the alarm, these are
perfect for harsher environments, such as mechanics workshops, aisles or storage facilities. The range also includes fantastic anti-blocking and antimask
variant for Grade 3 installs.

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