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Brooks EI 140 Series Relay Base

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The EIB128 Relay Base has an integral relay that is activated when the Smoke/Heat Alarm connected to the EIB128 enters alarm mode. The relay contacts are isolated and are rated at 250VAC, 5A resistive, and can be used for signaling, turning on lights and sirens or activating door release devices etc. The EIB128 Relay Base is designed to be used with the Easi-Fit Smoke and Heat Alarms. In addition, the EIB128COV is a plastic lid for the EIB128 that allows the unit to be sited remotely to the Smoke or Heat Alarm, and will also allow non Easi-Fit Alarms to be connected to the EIB128 The EIB128 Relay Base is designed so that any of the alarms listed above will fit on top of the EIB128. The EIB128 Relay Base must only be used with one of the Smoke/Heat Alarms listed above – otherwise the unit will not comply with the mandatory safety regulations.