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VCA's range of Nx Embedded and AI cameras provide a modular software approach to modern technology.

NX Embedded
Providing a complete camera-VMS solution at the edge. It brings all the advanced features of the Nx Witness server to the camera, allowing you to realize a completely distributed solution, a server free VMS. Requires SD Card and Nx recording licenses. Use the camera as a Server to record any 2 other Nx compatible cameras *.

*Additional onboard AI plugins are not supported in server mode - on the server camera. Additional cameras edge analytics are supported.
*Lower FPS settings will get performance gains e.g. 7-12 fps per camera.

ANPRANPR & Vehicle Recognition 
Available across the IPAi range, the plugin can turn your camera into a license plate detector with the added optional feature* of make, model and colour recognition. Includes Pro AI license.


* ANPR MMC license option.

AIProAI tracking featuring VCA (Pro AI)
The VCA edge plugin allows AI analytics and events to be produced on the camera, removing the need for server hardware using three deep learning engines to provide excellent results.

  • Object Tracker: This is a motion based detection engine, based on changes detected in the image, the algorithm separates the image into foreground and background, tracking any foreground object that is moving above a set threshold.
  • Deep Learning People Tracker (DLPT): designed to track people in situations where the camera field of view is relatively close. It is based on Pose Estimation technology, providing the location of a person in the field of view as well as additional key point metadata on the parts of the body.
  • Deep Learning Object Tracker (DLOT): is designed for accurate detection and tracking of people, vehicles and other key objects in challenging environments where motion based tracking methods would struggle. It is based on a classification and detection model, providing the location of an object in the field of view.

Face Recognition
Turning the camera into a FACE detector, this plugin can create an event when a face is detected and forward the metadata as part of an integrated solution or can be used as a standalone facial recognition system. Includes Pro AI license. Only supports DLPT mode.

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