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The way the search works: it'll put more "weight"/priority on search results that match the exact words you're searching for. 
Eg. if you search Hikvision Acusense Turret — the first results will match all 3 words.

Then it'll display second to that — results that contain some of the keywords you're searching for — but not necessarily all of them. 
So in the example above — if some products have "Hikvision" and "Acusense" in their names and descriptions — but not "Turret" — then they'll display secondary to whole phrase matches.

HOWEVER: If an item has more instances of the same keyword in its description — it'll be ranked higher.

Partial Word Matching: While our system does allow for partial word searches (searching only a few letters in a word) it only matches based on the start of a word. Going back to the example above with "Hikvision Acusense Turret" - you can search "Hikv" and it will return "Hikvision Acusense Turret" as "Hikv" is the first 4 letters in a word.
However if you tried to search "sense" - it won't return Hikvision Acusense Turret - because the term searched only exists "inside" the word.

Minimum Character Limit: Search terms must have a minimum of 3 characters, or more.

Try this search term to display all Hikvision cameras: "DS-2"
All Hikvision camera codes start the same. From there you can use our web filters to find specific features.
ColorVu cameras have a "filter" of WL30m. This indicates "White Light 30 meters" as opposed to "IR30m - Infra Red 30 meters"