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 NFS - Newsletter March 2023


Hikvision ESG Tour

Firstly, we would like to thank our customers who took the time to attend or join the Hikvision Environment, Social and Governance discussion on Friday 17th March.

We were fortunate to be visited by Jeffrey He (Hikvision VP of Global Affairs), Chuck Davis (Hikvision VP Global Information Security) and former US Ambassador Prosper (U.S. Human Rights Ambassador).
The purpose of the ESG Global Tour is to provide a forum for Hikvision customers and partners to obtain more insight into the legal landscape that Hikvision operates in and the global responsibilities Hikvision is committed to fulfilling.

Although the full report on the findings of Ambassador Prospers' team is not publicly available, we have obtained an exert that we feel is highly valuable for your reference;
In the ESG report, released in April 2021, Ambassador Prosper and the Arent Fox team concluded that "In the end, we do not find that Hikvision entered into the five projects in Xinjiang with the intent to knowingly engage in human rights abuses or find that Hikvision knowingly or intentionally committed human rights abuses itself or that it acted in willful disregard"

For more information on Hikvisions ESG Report and their current progress, please visit: Hikvision ESG Report


NZSA - Security Licensing Update

In January 2023, the NZSA and Master Electricians published a joint statement on the Security licensing requirements for the install, servicing and selling of Security Systems.

In summary;
- Registered Electricians do not require a COA to install or service Security Systems.
- Registered Electricians entering a premise with the purpose of selling Security Systems must hold a Security Consultant COA.
- Electrical companies with employees who must hold a Security Consultant COA, must also hold a Company Security License under the Security Consultant category.
- It is recommended that where a Security Consultant COA or Company License is required, the company also hold licensing under the Security Technician category.

You can find the full statement here: Security licensing requirements for the install, servicing and selling of security systems



The NFS Sales team have once again convinced Management to let us run an End of Financial Year sale for the final week of March 2023!

Monday 27th - ColorVu Cameras
Tuesday 28th - Brooks RadioLink
Wednesday 29th - 180 degree Cameras.
Thursday 30th - Hikvision Alarm kits.
Friday 31st - NX Licenses


Keep an eye out for the EOFY Sale mailer which will include more details and T&Cs.




Hikvision AX Hybrid Pro

NFS now have stock of the Hikvision AX Hybrid Pro Alarm panels, along with the entire range of add-ons and accessories for both a hard-wired and wireless solution.

Whats more, the Hikvision AX Hybrid Pro and AXHub Pro are also supported by Alarm Watch!
From the Hik-Partner Pro application, Installers can now link their customers' AX Hybrid Pro or AX Hub Pro Alarm through to Alarm Watch Monitoring seamlessly. 



TOA IP Range

TOA introduces its IP-A1 Series of IP audio solutions – each with a common set of capabilities and functions to include audio protocols, audio storage for up to 20 pre-recorded messages, timer triggered broadcast patterns, and contact closure or remote API triggered messages. 
The series line-up includes the flagship IP-A1SC15 IP Horn Speaker, IP-A1PC238 IP Ceiling Speaker, IP-A1PG IP Paging Gateway, and IP-A1AF IP Audio Interface. Connected external equipment, can also be triggered by available contact closures via any of our IP-A1 Series models.

Learn more about the TOA IP-A1 Series here: TOA IP-A1 Series


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The new 4G/IP Multi Resident Video Intercom due to hit our shores in Q3. 

The MultiRise is an Android system based on a touch-screen experience. With a 7.1-inch display, the system is capable of many interactive aspects. From the phone book to the manual dial option. Public passcodes and face ID. These are just some of the available features that can be utilized within the system.

Check out the specifications and full list of features here: AES Global - MultiRise

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